Barbara Saylor | Picture Book Professor

Barbara Saylor

Barbara Saylor

I am a literature consultant specializing in integrating good literature into class curriculum (Math, Science, Social Studies, and Character Education). Educators have used me as a resource for the past 25 years to help them select and acquire great books to enrich the teaching/learning experience; literature provides interest and richness not found in textbooks. I often participate in educational workshops, and substitute teaching in the classroom at all grade levels helps me know what books are really effective and what students love. A tote of books always accompanies me to the classroom to be used if time allows. My theory has been proven repeatedly that 7th and 8th graders love stories from picture books as much as the younger crowd. In my opinion, good stories don’t have an age limit.

I have created classroom literature kits for Math, Science, and Social Studies. Recognizing a decline in our society of ethical values has been the driving force for me to create a tool for parents and educators to use as a guide in using great stories that teach character and values. THE STORY HOUR LIBRARY, Volume I: Developing Character; Teaching Character Using Popular Children’s Story Books is the first in a series.

I’m a mother and grandmother, and I believe that the love of reading begins at home. Reading books together is not only a great activity to engage our brains, but it is a time for bonding and nurturing.

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